Approaching 80

This week, Saturday, I’ll be 80. It seems somewhat hard to believe I’ve made it this far. But actually, following my patients’ advice, I’ve almost never paid much attention to age. Birthdays have been important and observed; who wants to miss a party? It has been easy to ignore comments on aging which I’ve heard over the latter years. 
As for my printmaking, it continues as always. No end to the ideas. Teaching does interrupt the creating somewhat; having “retired” from college, the need for some income causes me to continue accepting new students, and welcoming back previous ones. As I wrote earlier, after my bout with the balance challenge, I’m taking fewer students than before. The ones who have come are mostly serious and sincere. Ruth from Switzerland and Yanira from USA have been two notable students. And Yvonne continues to return from OZ annually for improving some of her techniques. 
So, what can I say about the previous 80 years? For one fact, they have been full. Never a dull moment could be one appropriate  motto. A life of adventure could be another. Newness, flexibility, study, self-improvement, curious about much, making friends, looking forward, not reviewing the past. Growing in my spirituality is the main preoccupation lately. 
And more, which I’ll get to later. Now to take a hot bath in this cooling weather, and hit the sack.  

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