A life of poetry (2)

Here are some haiku I wrote over the past year or two. They have been published in the newest tome from Hailstone Haiku Circle:

Some morning birds
watch me fix
soup, eggs, bacon, fruit;
I feel sorry tho: 
no worms. 

In spring, finding
a fine view to sketch: 
the chosen scene's cat
adds herself. 

A yellow tinkle in the snow;
cold school boys
can't wait to get home.

Scattered over richfield,
a thousand crows load up on stones
then lumber nestward.

Crushed between flowing liquid and air,
a thin line of stilled earth

Kimiko and I were staying in a hotel right on the shore of Lake Biwa. It was winter, tho there was no snow falling. Nevertheless, the gray air and the gray lake almost could not be distinguished one from the other, except by a thin line of land on the opposite distant shore.