Some wild boar thots

Having survived the mild stroke of last June, 2018, I'm recovering at a slow pace, which I do not necessarily like, but do not want to push myself too hard. I have cut back on the number of print students, which is giving me more private studio time. 
There are plenty of prints awaiting creation. It has almost never been difficult for me to start drawing a new work. The initial lines soon suggest a way to go. Whether a masterpiece is produced this way, is not for me to decide, but for history.  I just follow the images that come down the arm to the hand and leak out of the 4B pencil point.     
So far this Wild Boar year, it’s been slow while trying in its way to speed up. How to slow life down? For my sort of individual, this is another challenge. 
But enuf of that kind of tak. Let’s talk prints. As always, I work from/by inspiration. But last year I made MIYAMOTO’S VISION. It is a copy of a print on the invitation card to his exhibition in Tokyo. I don’t know him; the gallery there sends me their show cards automatically. This card’s photo of one of his works grabbed me strongly. I had to make a print of it, a Steiner print of it.
This was no easy task it turns out.. 
More on this next session.