December 23, 2012
Christmas is almost here. Kyoto celebrates the holiday by tying it with the previous Emperor's birthday. I do not know why. I suspect it is a coincidence, however. One could make something of this if they were of a combative mind, I suppose.
Anyway, for sure there are Christmas songs drifting into our ears from everywhere downtown. Department stores, smaller shops, covered sidewalks, everywhere Rudolph the Red is leading shoppers into purveyors of some nice and useful gifts. Tomorrow is my last chance to get Kimiko something. We will go out in the evening to eat our Christmas meal, which will be vegetarian for her, probably fish or chicken for me. No lamb in Japan. So I have to have some neat and useful gift by then. What will it be? Kimiko has just about everything she needs. Well, will have to see what Rudolph suggests.

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